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Our Story

At 14 years old, our founder, Meaghan Co, met a little girl named Anna while volunteering at her church in Houston, TX. Anna was just like all the other kids. She was in Girl Scouts, loved Frozen, and gave the best hugs. However, unlike the other children, Anna had Down Syndrome but that didn't stop her from inspiring Meaghan greatly! Meaghan found a love and passion for serving the special needs community. After learning that children with special needs often struggle with self-esteem and feeling like they belong, Meaghan made it her mission in life to show them that they are loved for who they are and someone out there appreciates them. At 14 years old, with the help and support of her friends, family, and community. Meaghan started hosting Spa Nights for girls with Down Syndrome. At the end of the first event, one of the girls who attended came up, gave Meaghan the biggest hug, and said "Thank you, I've never felt this beautiful... I don't think I've felt this beautiful since I was born!" That was when the phrase "Born Beautiful" was created and Meaghan was determined to give as many children as possible the "Born Beautiful" experience. Each year the spa nights grew and it got to the point where the event outgrew the spa. In 2017, Meaghan got the idea to host a Special Needs Pageant. This event is more than a pageant, it is a celebration of amazing children and their accomplishments! After the second pageant, Meaghan's cousin, Tara Fulton, pulled her aside and insisted Meaghan turn what she was doing into a 501(c)-3 non-profit organization so that way she could reach even more people. With the help of Tara Fulton, Meaghan and Tara assembled a board of members and started the process. When it came to choosing a name, that was simple, Meaghan wanted to honor her late grandmother, Faye Pierce, who she lovingly referred to as "Nana." Those who knew Faye Pierce can attest to her immaculate gift for hospitality and her ability to make you feel loved for who you are. Meaghan wanted to make sure that she would always be remembered for those qualities which is why the organization was named "Faye's Favorite Friends"

In May of 2020, Faye's Favorite Friends became an official 501(c)-3 nonprofit. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 events were canceled for the Summer of 2020 in an effort to keep our participants safe. We are so thrilled to be hosting events again this year, safely and with the proper precaustions. 

This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come! 

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